Welcome Message

    An enthusiastic greeting from the council of our developing Barangay Tenejero.

    A huge honor to be your humble servant as I become the chief of the town and be the father of Barangay Tenejero. Like others who want to help the community through service, I also desire the success of each goal and dream for a prosperous, secure and tranquil barangay, above all, having people with heart, discipline and fear of the Lord. The only means to give in return this overwhelming trust is loyal service and continues implementation of the better service to our barangay full of laden hope to fulfill the desire for further development and prosperous future.

    I also wish the continuous support, not only with the barangay council, but to all the citizens we serve. Because no matter how beautiful this dream, if there’s no general unity, this dream cannot be achieved.

   Hope this innovated means of broadcasting the information helps you to know our barangay. Just click and browse our website. Find the inner beauty of our barangay. Enjoy!

   May God guide us with His blessings. Thank you!

Hon. Pedro T. Yuzon Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                        Barangay Captain