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Barangay Official Logo

Meaning of the logo of Barangay Tenejero:

1. Jar – represents Barangay Tenejero as the original manufacturer of jar historically.

2. 1949  - represents the year where a person began to lead and serve Barangay Tenejero more popularly known as                   “Tinyente del Barrio”.

15 sun beam - represents the 15 site or territory of the jurisdiction of the Barangay.

4. Scalesymbolizes equality and impartial enforcement of the Law of Barangay.

            still represent as a "Hall of Famer" and has the best "Lupong Tagapamayapa" nationwide.

5. Gusali represents the main branch of the Government of the City of Balanga like Camp Tolentino, Bataan Provincial                Hospital and Bataan General Hospital that are covered by Barangay Tenejero.