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History of Brgy. Tenejero

    Historically, the word Tenejero came from Spanish word
Tinajero which means the jar manufacturer/ Tinaja-jar. This is one of the features of Tenejero, because it is the only place that makes home furnishings such as pots, pitchers and jars made of clay, molded by hand and baked in the oven in previous times. Here in the place first developed the business in producing pitchers and jars that lasted until Americans arrived and only ceased when iron and aluminium cook wares were introduced. Because of this, the pitcher on Tenejero pot is gradually lost. So then, however, the Tenejero was the original manufacturer of the jar. Jar, which is now known as the symbol of City of Balanga.

    Now, the Barangay Tenejero continues its development, and it is through the early village people led up to the present. It is also the first village in Balanga City identified as the most enthusiastic in implementing Barangay Law System in the Philippines. In fact, Barangay Tenejero dubbed as Hall of Famer for being the winner for three consecutive years as the best Lupong Tagapamayapa from 2004-2006.

    From then until the present, Barangay Tenejero continues the unremitting implementation of good work. An important foundation that will not lose in the memories of anyone who once was identified and admired in our village as the best implementation of peace, tranquility and order in our premises.